Friday, 23 November 2012

Face Paints

Due to the fact that the head cracked during baking (the sculpey clay was far too thin, link here) I've had to spray the head a skin colour to make it even. When i first sprayed it, it seemed far too light. But i figured its better to start light and add darker tones than it is the other way around.

The most time consuming aspect of painting the head is without a doubt the hair. Purely down to the fact that there are so many fiddley parts where you can't get paint onto the head, but have to paint all of the hair. Makes me wish i'd done more Warhammer when i was younger!

I was particularly happy with how his side burns have come out. He is a middle aged character (as stated in the piece of dialogue) so making him completely grey was out of the question. 

I then proceeded to paint tone onto his face. This took around 1/3 of the amount of time it took to do the hair as its just basic blocking out of colour. I used a dryish brush and went for the 'dabbing' technique. I may yet go back to the head with chalk pastels in order to blend in some of the areas of tone.

This is how my character looks so far, (ignore the hands, my 2nd attempt ones are still drying). All that is left is eyebrows, glasses, replacement mouthes, a moustache, clothes, set, props and breaking down the sound........ which is... a lot! considering the time frame we've got. So im going to stop rambling on my blog now and go do some work!

(on a final note, when Tim Allen visited the uni, (the stop motion animator, not Buzz Lightyear) He advised me to hollow out the inside of the belly, still giving it shape but allowing it to be pressed in without pushing back too much. 


  1. Awesome work, James! Cant wait to see her move!

  2. thanks a lot guys! don't let the boobs fool you Ben, its a guy :) attempting a tweed jacket while we speak. Looks very similar to your shopkeeper... only very fat!