Friday, 23 November 2012


Previous hand post can be found here. In short, I cast my hands in latex but put nowhere near enough latex in. This time, i kind of went a little over the top. The result is a massive amount of excess which will need trimming with nail scissors

After a fair amount of time with scissors (i still need to take a lot more time over these to make them ready for filming) I have two things which resemble hands! Now to start on the clothes


  1. Just a question James :) how long did you leave these to dry exactly?

  2. I put them in the cast on wednesday evening i think, Properly packed out with latex, so the armature would have to press its way in, then left it until this morning in one of those clamp things in uni. If theres too much foam in it though then it wont seal properly, that happened with George's arm. i think.

    Definitely worth putting too much in that too little though. Unless i just got really lucky with the amount on these.

    hows yours going now??