Thursday, 8 August 2013

summer animation updates


after animating a walk last week, i started this week with the intention of doing a run, but I couldn't get the camera wide enough with the background I have to do a substantial run. And running on the spot was a nightmare, So with the help of Ben Whitehouse on the old twitter, I was sent a list of fun things to do as animation tests which was a god send! I also put together a showreel of stuff i have already, and from that found out what I don't have at all.
(heres the list if you're interested)

SO, long story short, i've been doing lifts! 

In my first year, we had to animate either a lift or throw, and a push or a pull. I animated a throw, which i kind of still like so there isn't much point re-animating one. 

I started by making a miniature cardboard box, The cardboard was still too thick on the ends when it was made so i used hot glue to press together these bits. 

Anyway, I seriously cannot stress block outs enough in animation. I had no reference videos for this lift so all of the movement came from a series of block outs as well as physically doing the action in the studio with a plastic box that was conveniently the perfect size! I have no idea what so ever how I animated my entire film this year with no block outs at all.

Also i've found its great to just animate what would actually be happening instead of worrying too much about how the individual frame looks. If you get the movement right, it SHOULD all work out! (don't quote me on that)

Without further ramblings, here is my weeks work, pretty happy with the outcome considering how i started.

Won't be animating next week because im going home for a week but i'll be back the following week.


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