Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back to basics


its been far too long since i've animated anything and the big plan this summer was to go animation crazy with a basic armature. Its taken me a lot longer than i wanted to actually get started BUT i've finally got the ball rolling. As you can see in my previous post, i've bulked out the professional H1 armature from Malvern Armatures 

And I figured what better place to start than with a walk cycle. 
Generally horrible things consistency wise but to start i've only blocked him out. Using contact points, passing points and two inbetweeny bits i've got the following video. 

My plan is that through summer I chuck practically everything i animate up here, no matter how bad, so that (fingers crossed) some sort of development can be seen. 

Anyway, here are my tests from yesterday, just simple block out walks shot on 4s, just to try and get the general movement. 

I could've done another test yesterday but went to see monsters university instead (great film) and wanted to take the sheet i was using as a back drop home to iron it. 

As with everything else any feedback whatsoever is more than welcome in the comments section below

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