Sunday, 28 April 2013

Film update

Howdy howdy howdy! 

No major blog posts on character/props/general work recently (sorry) 
Like everyone else on my course life is getting pretty hectic with 3-4 weeks left until final hand in for our major projects. 

In short, I should hopefully be getting the first of my two sets from the TV and set design students i've been working with by the end of Wednesday. I've currently been working on the harpoon and coat for the external scene, with the intention of filming that first. 

ANYWAY, i've got various other deadlines over the next 2 weeks so there won't be an awful lot happening on here (if anything) 


if you click that attractive looking "instagram" tab just below my header it'll take you to my instagram page where you can find the development photos for my film as they happen. 


if you don't feel like doing that (im not here to judge) heres a photo of what my characters looking like at current, i'm half way through making his coat.

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