Monday, 1 April 2013

Machine building

Everythings slowly been going wrong with my character SO i've taken a few days off to work on his navigation machine. I'd bulked this out weeks ago along with the TV and record player but left it from there. When i'd left off it was at a similar stage to the photo above. The next step was to cover it in balsa wood so it didn't look so awful.

I decided to make the radar screen bigger on it, as well as having a hole straight through the middle so I can get the camera shot I need of Arthur through the machine. In the set, there will be a hole behind the entire machine so I can work out wiring/animatable parts from behind. 

I then intoxicated myself on wood dye in order to get the wood to a darker tone and painted on detail/shading. The wooden vents on the front were an after thought, I should've painted dark behind them but forgot to (needed more planning) the grey panels on there at the moment are just milliput. Next stage is making the components that move.  

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