Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Head Moulding & Clothing

I've been really busy these last few weeks so havent really had time to update my blog, so here is what ive been up to,

Initially I started moulding the head, eyes nose, mouth, ears, hair etc which took a lot longer than expected as i had to remould the jaw to make it look more realistic and generally alter.

These next photos show the development of both my set (and props) and the bulk of the character. Including prototype hands and the clothes.


 I then started (and finished) making the clothes, i wasnt looking forward to this as when i went to textiles, Ellie said it would be hard enough for someone with my sewing background to make real sized clothes, the ones i have made are approximately 1/6th scale. I am incredibly happy with the outcome. I have also made a leather belt, watch and plasticine shoes. The jeans took me a couple of goes to get an accurate leg thickness.

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