Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Filming issues

I had planned to start filming a week ago (27th of april ish). In doing some test shots, i realised just how much the character and the guitar moved when the hands were altered. On a small scale this wouldnt be too noticable but as it was it did not look good.

(ignore the head in the background)

The above is how the problem was resolved. A metal loop was attatched to the base of the seat and glued up the models back, up to around where the shoulder blades would be. It was then secured by glueing the jeans to the same loop, overall attatching him to the chair.

The guitar movement issue was sorted by attatching a 'loop' of metal into the guitar, around the back (glueing onto the recently attatched support) round the other side and back into the guitar. It has not been glued to the guitar as i didnt want to if i could avoid it.

I could now start shooting.

I've also accepted my offer to study animation at the University of Glamorgan starting in September 

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