Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pre filming prep work

The first two photos show my character as it was when i brought it home for easter. I had planned to begin shooting my film in the first week, but due to my room being uneven, everytime i walked from the set, to my laptop or anywhere for that matter, the room would shake slightly and the camera would move.

I decided to relocate to a different room (which i couldnt do until the following tuesday due to having family round, this worked out nicely as i got to spend more time with them and less locked away in a dark room). 

This is the relocation, looks the same but its the opposite end of my house. In the week i had off, i remoulded the wrists of the 12 hands and shortened the wire of them to make them all the same. I also shortened the length of the arms drastically as it looked wrong. I am incredibly glad i did and didnt just think it would do as it was.

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