Sunday, 27 January 2013

More photoshopping

I was meant to stop photoshopping once i'd got to the stage below but this was way more fun than the actual work i've got to do so i figured i'd carry on a little more and do a proper post on it. 
These are the three stages in painting my sculpt in photoshop. 

Its been fun! Will hopefully be making a full maquette of my character over the next few weeks so i'll digitally paint that as well. His beard will change for the final model as well but i like the colours.

Coloured Sculpt

A very quick mock up of what my character will look like. 
Sculpted in white Das clay then coloured in photoshop.
 The colours still aren't finalised. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Meet Arthur Quasar

After FAR too many drawings, cutout tests, shape changes, pencils sharpened i think i've got the basic shape sorted for my character. 

I wanted to have him bulky, making him look more intimidating and difficult to scare, but with my previous designs, i'd made his arms way too big. I've also extended his nose a little as it gives me a much less scrunched up face. This will change again when I draw him in pencil and then carry on and build him. But for now, i'm happy with him. 

Meet Arthur Quasar!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shape Line-up - HELP PLEASE

Apologies on the bombardment of posts this weekend. I've got some life drawing stuff I want to put up on here too but that'll have to wait. Im still very much unsure on the final shape of my character, this is (in a very basic and rushed form) what i've got at the minute. If anyone reads this and feels compelled towards any of the following (or has any other ideas), please let me know in the comments as i'm still a little stuck.

More Cutouts

Still playing around with this, the machine is very much still in the developmental phase. 
Theres a tutorial on our blackboard on how to do all this properly which i think i'll do next. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Just playing around with a couple of ideas for my fisherman character (Arthur) in photoshop. 
Never done anything like this before but its been really fun! Going to do some work on props and
backgrounds once Arthur gets towards a more finished state. 

Malvern Armature - Professional range

Update on armatures available at Malvern Armatures. New professional range come with improved ball joints and overall more slender look. Armatures still available for custom made orders.


For more information on the professional range.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fishing for the Future

I've been developing my script i've been writing for my narrative class for my final film this year, Currently titled "Fishing for the Future", this is where abouts i am right now. Character needs a lot more development so watch this space!