Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hand sewing part 2

In my last post, I think i'd got him to a stage similar to this above ^ 

For any shots when he will be looking up (i have a couple i think) I will need to cover up the armature for his neck. in order to do this, I've made a little shirt collar to go inside the jumper. This does all seem a little redundant though, as you can barely see it when his head is on, and even when you can it gets squashed by the size of the head. Looks nice though!

Once i'd fixed his leg using thread lock (one of the ball joints had come slightly loose and just needed fixing in place) The trousers were pretty straight forward to make, although I wish i'd taken photos just for the hell of it. I was on a bit of a mission to get the clothes finished so forgot to take photos. 
Also, a design flaw on my part, I'd made the shoes onto the armature, joined the foot to the leg and then padded around it. I didn't think ahead to when i would have to put the trousers on. So for this character have had to sew the trousers onto the legs. It doesn't look as good as i'd hoped but short of cutting up the foam on the leg there wasn't much I could do.

Overall, i'm happy with the way he's come out. He looks considerably more like my original drawing than any other puppet i've ever made. Now on to props and a set. (The hands in this photo look a little rigid, that is just because i'm avoiding bending the only part of my armature which is wire so it has a longer filming life)

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  1. He looks amazing, definitely the part :D Love his clothes ^_^