Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hand sewing part 1

Now that the seam lines have been drawn and cut, this is what i'm left with to start making my clothes. I need to make the following:

- Jacket
- Trousers
- Sweater vest
- Shirt collar

As the vest will only be visible through the open top of the jacket, I was originally planning on just making the 'V' shape you would see. But on second thought, I need the jumper to fit all the way to where the trousers will join, otherwise you might be able to see part of the blue foam on the underside of his belly.

Above is the two stages of the jumper. I still need to make the shirt collar to go inside and block off what would be his neck. As you can see, On the left hand attempt, there is a seam right down the middle, whereas on the right hand one, the seam is only on the bottom half, meaning you can't see it through the gap in the jacket.

When sewing anything, you need to remember to leave a seam allowance. A few of these wouldn't really require this much of a seam allowance. But as im still not very good at hand sewing (and even worse at machine) I've given myself a lot to work with. 

Ignore the fact that he's only got one leg, the other is in the 'armature hospital'. The sleeves had to be trimmed down. Which i'd rather have than having them too short and remaking entire sleeves. 
Next is the trousers and shirt.


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