Thursday, 8 November 2012

Head Build part 2

The next stage of the head production is to add sculpey clay to the foam and bake! The sculpey clay struggles to stick to the coring foam i'm using though. So i've coated the foam with masking tape before the sculpey.

The character is slowly coming together! Despite the fact i will be using a different armature and the hands will be cast in latex not sculpey.

The hair was a lot of fun to do! My last character had a very basic flat head of hair so this was a nice change. Adding texture to the back was simple but very effective. The head is now ready to go into the oven to bake.

Unfortunately, whilst baking, I forgot to consider just how thin the face sculpey was. Because of this, the face completely cracked over the majority of the face/jaw. I didn't take any photos at this stage unfortunately as it was a bit of a tender moment. A few hours later and some more sculpey clay though, it was back to an acceptable standard! Although once it was sanded down it turned white and dusty. Luckily though, Sean had a similar problem with his character last year and informed me that vaseline would work a treat in cleaning up the head. It will still need painting though as it is still uneven in colour where i rushed to fix it.

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