Monday, 5 November 2012

Head build part 1

Sculpey clay has to be applied in a thin, consistent layer, In order to make this layer as thin as possible, I have to core out the inside practically the exact shape of the head (the closer the better) but remembering to sculpt it a little smaller so that when you add the sculpey, it becomes the right size. 

Apologies for the beads at this point. That was thanks to Sean Gregory! The beads I am going to use will be slightly smaller than these, but larger than the beads i usually use, as he will be wearing glasses his eyes will need to be slightly larger. 

This is the final head fully cored. I have left a gap under his nose for replacement mouthes, the joints of which will be covered by his jowls on the sides, and a moustache on the top.  I will now add sculpey clay to this and bake.

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