Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Final first Year Showreel

Below is my very final first year showreel, including some of the work i did on the Paddington bear sting

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Most Promising first year Award

At the glammies award show i was nominated for most promising first year with the following video, after seeing the competition i didn't think i would win so was speechless when my name was called in the cinema.

To see all of the other first year entries as well as all the other award categories follow the link below

A massive thank you to my tutors this year, friends and family and generally everyone whose supported me

Paddington Bear sting

Final animation of the year, group project for the glammies award show

Animated in around a week and a half between myself and Sean, 2D animation, set design and character build by Jake, Gregg and Hannah, find links to their blogs in the description of the video

For more information on the making of, visit Jakes blog at