Friday, 21 December 2012

Minor project final film

Here it is! what you've all (mainly my mum) been waiting for. The final film for my minor project. Enjoy! click the link "Minor project" on the right hand side of the page for all of my blog posts on this.

Now on to major project! There isnt going to be a lot on here over christmas, might do some sculpting, not sure yet though.

Anyway seems nice that this is my 50th blog post and its wrapping up a project so without rambling too much

see you in 2013! (if the world doesn't end in 20 minutes)

Friday, 7 December 2012


Hi all, no posts recently, mainly because I'm in the process of starting to film. I've got some work to put up here about my replacement mouthes and location drawing which i'll do over the weekend at some point. 
Until then, this is all i can offer! I booked out an SLR camera today from Uni and its incredible compared to the webcams we were filming on last year. Anyway, i've got two weeks until the uni shuts for christmas so fingers crossed i'll be finished by then (if i'm not i'm in trouble).

I'll upload the final video on here at some point over the festive season.

(I need another light on the left hand side in order to
 balance out the room and get rid of the hideous shadows)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

photo frame

I desperately need to alter my animatic. In my original one, Edgar shows his patient a photo of himself when he was younger on the line "I was adorable once". The position he gets into though is unachievable with his new design. Because of this, I am planning on cutting to a close up of this photo which will be hung on the wall. The actual shot will be of a larger copy of the photo, with a smaller sized on within the set, to ensure continuity is not affected. 

This piece was done using basic shading in photoshop, i really want to learn how to use Illustrator though. The background is a photo which i've edited and then blurred to give the desired effect.