Friday, 7 December 2012


Hi all, no posts recently, mainly because I'm in the process of starting to film. I've got some work to put up here about my replacement mouthes and location drawing which i'll do over the weekend at some point. 
Until then, this is all i can offer! I booked out an SLR camera today from Uni and its incredible compared to the webcams we were filming on last year. Anyway, i've got two weeks until the uni shuts for christmas so fingers crossed i'll be finished by then (if i'm not i'm in trouble).

I'll upload the final video on here at some point over the festive season.

(I need another light on the left hand side in order to
 balance out the room and get rid of the hideous shadows)

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  1. What happened to poor Mr Cowboy? D: He has no upper half(!) It looks amazing though :D