Sunday, 9 February 2014

All i ever post about is hands

It seems that during my film last year my blogging went way down hill as soon as it all got busy so this year I'm determined to stay on track and post each week (already a week behind but i'll get on it). 

first things first, hands! 

there are ridiculous amounts of ways of making hands, this technique involves one strand of aluminium wire constructing the entire hand. 

These were then trimmed to the appropriate length and inserted into K&S in order to be detachable from the armature. 

In future hands, a single strand of copper wire was twisted into the wrist to make it stronger. 

The hands were then sculpted in plasticine so that they could be laid up in terracotta clay. In my second year, I spent absolutely AGES sculpting hands with immense amounts of detail, this proved to be a waste of time when the casts for the hands broke and i had to do them again in much less time. 

With this in mind, I spent very little time sculpting each pair of hands, and touch wood so far the casts are holding up (I will post about this later on)

I then did the exact same for Roy's hands, annoyingly these were about 4mm shorter than Richard's. if they weren't I could've just used the same cast to make both pairs. 

Thats it for now! As a bonus, here's a fun photo of George! here's a link to his blog, check it out!

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