Sunday, 23 February 2014

Puppet Padding

Roy's head was made in a very similar way to Richards. Again keeping it simple by making it purely balsa wood. The issue came with his nose. As per my original design, Roy's nose was made as the one on the left, once i'd sculpted this, and before glueing it, my tutor walked in, saw it, and turned it upside down just to put a spanner in the works. 

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to go with the different nose orientation but with a slightly more squared off bottom to it. 

With that out of the way it was time to start padding! 

I started by adding rigging points to both Richard and Roy, although i'm not sure Roy needs them for any of his shots its good practice to put them in just in case. 

The chest and hip pieces were then sculpted to fit onto the armature but not interfere with the ball and socket joints. These were wrapped in PTFE tape in order to protect them from glue. 

After the solid pieces were sculpted, a small tube of soft blue upholstery foam was added to the waist of each character, allowing for movement in the back. 

I was then given some of this thin sheet foam … stuff by George in my class, this guy! (link to blog here

which was perfect for wrapping around the arms and legs to get them thin enough and consistent in thickness. 

Once the arm were done, I added more of a shoulder and chest piece of blue foam in order to further bulk him out

Roy's legs were different, as they slightly taper at the bottom I had to use blue foam entirely for them. 

I find it easier to glue on more foam than i need and then cut it back rather than trimming it before applying it to the armature as it sometimes doesn't fit right or sit how you want it to. 

He kind of reminds me of the oven in A Grand Day Out for some reason, and also looks like he's dancing. 

I'm pretty good at keeping you wanting more with these blog posts right!! Spoiler for one of the next few posts, Richard has a neck! (i'll get to that). But for now here's the two of them bulked out and almost ready to be clothed. 

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