Sunday, 16 February 2014

Richard head sculpt part 1

I'll get back to hands soon but for now heres how i started bulking out Richard's head. 

Above you can see my bespoke professional ball and socket armature from Malvern Armatures.

They are currently having supplier issues until the end of february BUT click the link below to have a browse through their products. 

As i've probably said before, I want to have a real rustic hand-built feel to my film this year. 

Last year, i made an incredibly complex head because it lent itself to the character. This year, i've tried to cut down on character complexity as much as possible and have opted for balsa wood heads, with solid black bead eyes and real hair. 

This method cuts down a lot time wise, leaving more time to animate, as it can be sanded down quickly to the necessary shape. 

The silicone neck of similar colour would then sit inside the balsa wood neck. 

This is now ready for any paint job to be done to it before sticking on the nose and ears. 

(spoiler alert, in the photo below, the hands are now cast in silicone! poor blog ordering by me, I'm sorry). 

I still want the eyes to sit quite deep in the heads, so the eye sockets have been sanded in this way. 

I'll crack on with hand posts this week, am already falling behind on my blog posts and have SO much to post about so watch this space!

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