Monday, 29 October 2012

Malvern Armatures

Absolutely brilliant new stop motion armature website. Bespoke armatures at affordable prices.
Chose from a selection of pre designed standard humanoids or design your own creature.

Used for my cowboy project at the end of last year and currently in use for my minor project psychiatrist character. 

Production photos to come

Location drawing, first finished book!

I finally finished a sketchbook of location drawing! Normally i don't set aside a specific book just for location drawing but decided its time to start. Finished this book a few weeks ago and have just put off making it into an e-book. Lots of effort but im happy with it. Hopefully it will show progression through my work over the next few years. We all had to start somewhere. Location drawing has taken a bit of a back seat to puppet building recently but i'm about 1/3 of the way through my next book and will post that up on here as and when its done.

 I desperately need to post about my current character project. Heres an incredibly brief insight into what i'm currently working on. (i'll post more here soon)