Monday, 26 May 2014

I've had a busy few weeks


Lack of posts from the last few weeks are down to general stress of deadlines combined with a brilliant weeks work experience on the television show Rastamouse.

I'm sitting on after effects all day today ready for hand in for Glammies consideration tomorrow morning BUT over the weekend, i finished filming. Incredibly relieving and also really strange to know that the last 6 months work has almost come to an end, let alone three years at uni!

so over the weekend, I did something i've always wanted to do. a time lapse! More specifically a time lapse of me animating my second to last shot. I also did one for my last shot, but a combination of the ceiling dripping onto my laptop and me forgetting to press capture when i had a break towards the end meant i didn't properly finish it.

Anyway! here it is, my second to last shot with the intro music done by Alister Bunclark over the top.