Sunday, 9 March 2014

Puppet Hair!

I was panicking a little when it came to working with real hair. 

Then i spoke to EIRIK GRØNMO BJØRNSEN, director and animator on one of my all time favourite shorts 'But Milk is Important'. He told me the way they did hair for their puppets and it all seemed a lot less daunting!

Find their blog here

i ended up buying some horrendous feeling ginger synthetic hair extensions from Cardiff Market

After cutting this into smaller pieces, I put a line of UHU contact adhesive down the middle, then folded it down the perpendicular middle and clamped it in a vice once it had gone tacky.

Once the glue had dried, I cut down the middle of it making it into two separate pieces. 

These individual pieces were then laid around the hair line of Richard from the bottom up. 


he looks a little like Shakespeare to me in this one!

I didn't want to start cutting the hair at all until i'd stuck everything on 

Once i'd gotten to the crown of the head, I started working from the forehead backwards and then kind of bodged the join of the two parts.

After a swift hair cut and a hair styling with some hair wax, he was looking better than ever!

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