Thursday, 29 November 2012

Set & Props part 1

After visiting the frankenweenie exhibition in London back in october. I was crazy inspired to make some incredible looking props. Unfortunately, my deadline thought otherwise and I was forced to massively rush both my set and props (entirely down to my own doing, spending too long on certain things and not realising just how long a set would take to put together).

 It set out (giving myself 3 days) to make the following
  • an armchair
  • a patient sofa
  • a coffee table
  • a bookcase
  • books
  • a lamp
  • a plant pot
  • a fruit bowl (with fruit)
  • a cup of tea
  • a certificate
  • a photo frame 
  • glasses (facial ones)

the glasses were one of simpler props to make. Made from a piece of aluminium wire bent with a pair of pliers and painted a dark grey colour, I wanted to avoid using black as it could be too dark.

I bulked the sofa out with a combination of hard and soft foam. Which would then be covered in cling film and masking tape to make a net, in the same way I made the clothes for my character.

This process didnt work though, as the pattern was difficult to tell where to make the seam lines. Even when i decided on positioning for them, the sewn together pieces still didn't fit tightly enough to the sofa. In the end, i used a "Hold that together with as many pins as i can find" method, which, although very messy from a particular angle, was a lot better and quicker. 

I used the same method in creating the sofa for my patient.

For the other props I used fimo air drying clay. It was ok to work with, not as easy to sculpt as sculpey but still got the job done. It seemed to work a lot better if there was no coring inside of it as two pieces of it don't really stick to each other very well. 

The bookcase and coffee table were made with balsa wood and coloured using wood dye.
Now all I have to do is find walls and carpet, and paint/cover the rest of my props.

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  1. They all look really good, considering you've had to rush them. How long before you start animating?