Thursday, 8 November 2012

Making Hands part 2


In this project. I have to make a plaster cast of my hands and feet and then cast them in latex. The head is just going to be baked. In order to make plaster casts, i've first got to sculpt the hands out of sculpey. At this stage, the hands have to be the best they can possibly be, as in the process of casting, a lot of the quality will be lost (especially as this is my first attempt of casting) 

I am happy with the quality of the hands at current. Luckily my character is, to put it politely, overweight. This means my hands will be bulky and not a lot of detail is needed on the knuckles. I have chosen to add finger nails, but these may get damaged in the casting process. The general idea of spending countless hours sculpting the hands/feet just to destroy them in order to make a cast which might not even work is nerve wracking, but hopefully if I stick to each stage and not rush anything it'll all work out! The next hand post will be the casting process. 


  1. Hi
    Don't know if you still update this blog but thanks for putting it up, really helpful. I'm making an armature and want to have removable hands. Was going to use 2 different sizes of k and s to slot the hands into the fore arm. Is that the way you did it? Does that produce a secure fitting?

    1. Hello!

      I've been meaning to update it recently but have been working on projects i cant post about, mixed with a lack of doing my own work in my own time! Glad its useful! if you've got any more questions about anything then ping me an email! easier to contact me on

      2 sizes of K&S will work in terms of locating the wrists into the forearm, but you'll need to secure the smaller size otherwise it may fall out of the forearm mid shot which gets really annoying really fast! You can use a few different methods, tacky wax might be enough to hold it in place. Or plumbers tape (PTFE tape will work if you wrap it around the smaller K&S to make it fractionally thicker. Otherwise you can tap a notch into both pieces of the K&S at the same point so they lock into each other. But with that last method its easy to over notch the two pieces and get them stuck together or ruin the K&S.

      hope this remotely helps and I'm not just completely rambling!!

      again feel free to drop me an email and i can try and explain it better