Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shape Line-up - HELP PLEASE

Apologies on the bombardment of posts this weekend. I've got some life drawing stuff I want to put up on here too but that'll have to wait. Im still very much unsure on the final shape of my character, this is (in a very basic and rushed form) what i've got at the minute. If anyone reads this and feels compelled towards any of the following (or has any other ideas), please let me know in the comments as i'm still a little stuck.


  1. Bigger is better! The biggest three are the best, the thin ones aren't as good

    1. THANKS GREGG. i've done another one of number 3 where he's slightly bigger and his head is higher up. I kind of like the first one, but maybe not THAT big. a mixture of 1 and 3?

  2. I agree aswell I prefer the stocky look :)