Friday, 19 April 2013

Whale update

I will get my blog up to date at some point with everything to do with my character! But until then I'm having way too much fun making this whale! (still un-named and looking for suggestions (please help)) 


The next stage was to make the carvings on him more defined. Before they were simple filed out of modrock and the edges were all frayed. To do this, I filled the carvings with quick drying pollyfilla (not all at once) then redefined the edges with a piece of sheet aluminium. This left me with a much sharper edge on the gaps between panels (i'm avoiding writing 'cracks' as much as possible but its proving difficult)

On each of the corners of every panel on Mr Whale (i genuinely need help naming this guy) there will be 4 rivets. To continue the overall theme of 'wonky' in my film, as in, I don't want everything to be perfect and symmetrical or the same size etc, I rounded around 144 (feel free to count them if you dont trust me) rivets out of milliput as it eliminated the bake time that would've come with using sculpey. In order to make them flat on the one side, I pushed them slightly onto my desk. 

Below is Captain Whalen (Smithers) with all 'cracks' cleaned up. 
I've also cut out a basic tongue and teeth just for the time being. My good friend George (link to blog here) suggested that I get a broom or dustpan brush and cut off the bristles to use as more accurate whale teeth which I might play around with over the weekend. 

I also went to the spray paint shop today to look for colours for Admiral Whale but couldnt decide on one there and then so threw this together to get a basic idea of what colour I want him to be. The background is taken off of google and is not going to be the one I use in my film. Im still not 100% sure that he wont blend in too much into space but for now this is what i'm working towards

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  1. Name suggestion for your whale, hows about Ishmael or Ishmael-5000 if you want it spacey.

    The main character out of Moby-Dick is called Ishmael with the novel famously starting with the line “Call me Ishmael.”

    But obviously just a suggestion ;)