Sunday, 14 April 2013

I've been having a WHALE of a time

I have a confession to make, the whitty title of this post wasn't even my own, it came to me in a tweet from Joshua Flynn, I just couldn't do this blog post with a guilty conscience. But now that i've got that off my chest i feel i can continue 

Everything started going a little slow with props and character work so i decided to have a couple of days off to start making my whale!

Firstly, I took this lovely whale shaped piece of wire to be the spine and tail

I then cut out multiple pieces of cardboard to attach onto the wire, giving me the basic frame. I also added the fins and a jaw separately so they could still move

Once these were glued in place, I covered the whole thing in masking tape as a kind of skin 

To make the whale solid, I covered the masking tap in a couple of layers of mod rock

The whale will be mechanical in appearance, so I've started carving these panel shapes into the surface, To make the whale smoother I used quick drying poly filla, which was then sanded down, The next stage will be finishing the carving and spraying the whale a dull grey colour

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