Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Set Designers

Its been a while since i posted anything on here, mainly due to everything slowly going wrong on my puppet build and not having anything substantial to show. There will be posts over easter!

In the mean time, the one thing thats going well in my project is the set (other than the Advert, which i'll post about as well)! This year, we've been given the opportunity to collaborate with TV and Set Design students at uni to build our sets for us! If i was building the set myself I probably wouldn't have finished this project and would've just bodged something together with the resources available but because of this collaboration, the three of us (George Sean and myself (click their names for their blogs)) are getting high quality well built sets built to our specifications. 

The girls that are working with me on this have done a great job on building this mock up miniature set which is 1:5 scale of the full size thing (i think). So overall it's going to be BIG but i can't wait!

It's been great to work with them as its nice to get an outside perspective on the idea in general and improvements have been made that i would have never thought of if i'd been building this on my own.

The interior and exterior are hopefully going to be one large set, parts of which can be detached as and when they are needed. The technical drawings are currently being worked on but i'll put them up on here when they are ready

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