Sunday, 3 March 2013

Props props props

As i've already made a basic plasticine model of my character (See here) I figured i'd start building props. 

With the minor project, the focus was very much on the character, and all in all i only spent around a week making the props and set. 

As the props are much more of a focus in my film this year, I wanted to set aside time to them sooner rather than later before I get caught up building Arthur. 

There are 3 main props that Arthur interacts with in the first scene of my film, A TV, a record player and the navigational system. 

I wanted to start with the machine, as this will take a lot of time to work out electronics and circuits and such to make parts light up. There are also a few buttons/levers on the machine that Arthur has to use. Once bulked out, I decided to bulk out a few of the other props. 

I recently saw a stop motion piece called "My Strange Grandfather" (link here). Definitely worth a watch! It had a REALLY nice record player in it. Since seeing that, i've wanted to make something similar. Already my props are looking better than they did for my previous project. 

The table is just rods of balsa wood, carved with sandpaper to make them look nicer. 

I've also bulked out a TV! Didn't take a close up photo of it at this stage for some reason, but i've got LOADS of it painted. 

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