Saturday, 9 March 2013


(not this one ^^^) My first attempt at making a Milliput mask to go on the face. The idea was to apply a layer of vaseline to the eye sockets/eyes, then put a thin layer of Milliput around the eyes. (All credit to Joshua and Nathan Flynn for this method  (See original post here)).  This would give me the basics to start sculpting Arthurs face on to without the eyes needing to be there, and meaning they can still move once the face is baked. In the one above, I sculpted too much around the eyes, and the Milliput sealed itself to the eyes and broke when I tried to pull the eyes out of the back of the head. 

This was attempt two, I decided to just go around the eyes, not actually sculpting anything complicated at this point. 

Once dried, the eye sockets were removed from behind, leaving a mask. 

The eyes can in future be pushed in from behind the mask.....

And held in place using the piece of K&S for the hat.

I am now ready to start sculpting onto the head with Sculpey clay.

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