Sunday, 3 March 2013

Prop painting

Like i said in the previous post, I want to spend a LOT more time on props than i did in my Minor Project. With my last set, all of the props looked new and well kept, I want the opposite for my major film so the paint job is very important

This is my record player at current, i've added small triangular metal pieces on the corners (see bottom picture). I rushed the needle arm and record itself so need to remake those but this gives a general idea on what it'll look like. 

Then on to the TV! Again I wanted to make it look older so (as with the other props) I used wood dye on balsa wood and then used acrylic paints to add highlights and shadows to it. The buttons are all made from miliput. 

In my film, the initial 20-30 second advert will be done in flash by Jake Harvey. So I've made the inside of the TV green so it can be removed at a later date to insert the advert.

The buttons were painted using acrylic paint (i'm still not happy with the way they look as the camera will be still on them for such a long amount of time, but they'll do for now). The antennas are aluminium wire, painted to look like copper (incase it still needs to be animated with the book flies at the TV) with more miliput to keep it in place and on the ends.

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