Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Free Eye Tests

Just a quick one. I've been watching a lot of Tim Burton films recently and am having one of those "that designs really cool! I should use it" moments. I've done an animation test for my dissertation with the puppet i used for the previous mime project and have realised i might struggle to animate my entire film this year with fixed solid black eyes on my characters. I also didn't want to do moving beads again so watching all of the Tim Burton films lead to me wanting to make eyes solid and fixed in place, then have the pupil move freely on top with tacky wax or magnets. 

SO, i've done a couple more flash tests with my puppet heads. Wanting to see how much emotion i can get (incredibly quickly and rushed) with only the mouth/moustache, eyelids and eyebrows moving, this was the result. 

 photo i-think-im-addicted-to-gifs_zpsa51121b3.gif

I spent much more time on the solid black eyes than the actual pupils, but am still on the fence. Leaning slightly more towards solid eyes for now but PLEASE let me know in the comments if you think i'm being dumb choosing this.


Disclaimer, free eye test applies only to stop motion puppets in design stages willing to participate in dangerous eye surgery implants. Does not apply to real people

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