Sunday, 8 December 2013


As a result of a fair amount of developmental work and stressful days going nowhere,  i've come up with a narrative for my third year film! putting together a thumbnail animatic later on today to show my class and tutors tomorrow but until then here is some character development. 

Theres pages of it but this is the most up to date stuff. The characters haven't changed all that much since the original drawings, but i'm trying to keep it simple, get to a point I'm happy with and carry on developing a strong story. 

I'm also in the process of choosing a colour pallet to stick to for my film, hopefully making it all sit a lot nicer with each other. 

I'm also tempted to make the actual heads of my characters purely out of balsa wood, giving it more of a weird, hand built and generally stop motion feel to it. Still trying to work out how I would make hands and necks if that were the case but i think it'd look nice in conjunction with the fabrics and real hair i'm planning.

We've also been given the freedom to stick things on the walls in uni! It was a little odd at first having not done anything like this since foundation but its been great just as a method of sitting back and looking at everything at once. Its also a lot easier to talk through storyboards/thumbnails when its sequentially on the walls. 

Fingers crossed my story goes down well tomorrow! 

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