Thursday, 14 February 2013

Back to plasticine

I wanted to build a maquette for Arthur for major project. I've played around with shoulder sculpts but never the whole character. I still wasn't sure how big i wanted Arthur to be either so this was a good way to make sure I was making him an appropriate size before I start thinking about an Armature.

I should've taken more photos of the development of this, but got carried away sculpting. The legs and arms are solid plastercine and there is foil scrunched up for the core of the chest. 

The head was a little more tricky, I had to core it out so it wasn't too heavy but then at the same time ensure the eyes were deep set enough. The head alone took far longer than the body arms and legs put together. I was going to sculpt hands properly but figured I'd wait until I was going to cast them.

Once i'd finished the sculpt, I took photos from various angles and put them in photoshop. I left the original photo layer on "soft light" and block coloured underneath. Once it had all been coloured, I went back and added more tone and then various textures, hat, jumper, trousers, skin and beard. 
Some more subtle than others. 

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