Wednesday, 2 February 2011


 Museum stop motion animation project. At the end of part 1/start of part 2 (i cant really remember) of my current course (foundation diploma in Art) I had been working on this 40 second ish piece about a museum where the pieces come to life. I had a minor obsession with army men at this point (the toys, not the actual men fighting wars and what not) and managed to get hold of some original looking army men, who would fit in the toy story films quite happily. Having these, I bought some green plasticine in order to make some of my own which I could animate. On a budget, I decided to play around making other models of things on my desk out of green plasticine, always with the museum idea in the back of my mind. The below figures are the result.

The image above is an idea I considered for a while, but realised it would be immensely complicated to animate, let alone animate well. I also wanted to move on to animating characters I have made, not just ones I found in my house. It would have taken approximately...... 14 years to make all of the above characters out of plasticine. 

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